Pro Bono Cases

009 Divorce/Stipulation Agreement

The applicant and spouse want help with a stipulation regarding orders entered in a decree of dissolution. This may be appropriate for limited scope preparation of the stipulation only.

012 Divorce

The applicant seeks divorce by publication; the spouse’s whereabouts are unknown. No real property or personal property to divide. The parties have children. The applicant cannot use self help forms. This may be a divorce by publication.


015 Divorce, no children

Senior applicant seeks to divorce spouse who is currently incarcerated. Recent history of abuse. The applicant cannot use self-help forms because the parties have a marital residence. There is significant debt; the applicant may seek bankruptcy counseling.

019 Divorce, child

The applicant seeks to divorce estranged spouse who lives outside Nebraska.The parties have a child.No real property or retirement; no disputed property or debt.This may be appropriate for limited scope preparation of forms and guidance for serving spouse out of state.


014 Guardianship of Adult Child

The applicant seeks to establish guardianship of a minor who will turn the age of majority in early 2020. This referral will be for an initial consultation and future follow up when the minor child nears 19. There are no interested persons who will contest.

010 Divorce

This is a divorce, no children. There is real property and some marital debt. This case is anticipated to be uncontested.

020 Divorce

Applicant needs assistance with pending court case, trial scheduled for mid-March. There are no children. Contested issues about personal property and debt. Both parties have appeared in the proceeding unrepresented.